I ask not for a lot, but you

Every part of you I’ve learned to love
The silliest and most sensitive, especially
Vulnerabilities you’ve masked all your life
Are the flaws I find truly endearing

“Like a children’s book,” you say to me
So easy to decipher, no mystery at all
The things you’ve tried so hard to bury
Were visible to me from the beginning

Fearfully you pray tell your insecurities
And your heart it pounds, mind reeling
You almost turned away when you heard me say:
“Beautiful are the things that require you courage to admit”

So much rejection, inadequacies upon you
Working to prove yourself is like second skin
Always seeking reassurance around and about
I bet it gets exhausting wearing a mask everyday

Perhaps love truly is one big mystery
We try hard to appear mighty desirable
Like how you yearned to be near-perfect
So everyday you hustle, you wear an armor

And then I came along, destroying everything you built
“You don’t need to pretend to be anyone else,”
Without needing to see, I felt the relief on your face
There were so many feelings just by your, “okay”

It is not everyday I feel strongly
On wanting to make somebody accept their truth
Because everything you try to ignore
Darling, there’s nothing I find more attractive

Charm, wealth, talents, suave, directions
All my life stability was my only goal
Until a storm so intense woke me up
I opened my eyes and there you were, my reality

Destructive and confusing, you were such a burden
I was wasting time arguing with you
And exhaustion clung onto me every time
You were too much to handle, too energetic

But it’s true what they say, I guess
That you don’t know what you’ve lost until it’s gone
Because once your turbulence on me has ebbed
Suddenly my life felt like it was so lackluster

Maybe your passion was what made me seek you
Day by day it intensified, our connection
And despite our drowning, drifting moments
We manage to always bounce back so effortlessly

You are the reason I find poetry colorful again
Love was a cynical topic, unattainable
But you loved me — all of my demons as well
All the while I didn’t know evil could be attractive

Two sides of the same coin
Magnet poles, extreme frequencies
Once cannot wholly exist without the other
Who would ever have thought this is how we’ll turn out?

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