You make me brave.

Brave enough to believe in myself.

To love again and to let myself be loved.

To accept the existence of unconditional love.

To take risks, let go of inhibitions, to be carefree, let myself go.

To allow my soul be on its own, ignore the fears just once.

To move without a plan, and only with the excitement the unknown could bring.

You make me brave in ways that I see beauty in all the faults.

Where all words are suddenly poetry, and all colors are a masterpiece.

I see meaning in vulnerabilities, and romance in flaws; perfection in mistakes, and hope in all the scars.

Trusting in the unnatural, you make me brave in ways I didn’t know I could be.

You make me brave.

Love is a gamble — it always is.

I am brave for letting my defenses down, leaving you to catch me in fall.

I am brave for loving you despite all the limitations, when finite things suddenly seem vast and limitless.

I am brave for letting you go, just like how I let myself go for you.


All the pain our love has brought, I am brave for facing the fear of being a mess.

I am brave for diving head-first into heartache, for accepting that you cannot stay.

You make me brave.

I am brave because of you.

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