A Milestone

Words weren’t enough to describe what I felt when I first heard the word, “yes” from our Marketing team after I asked to do their ad.

And not just any ad. A newspaper ad. A fully-colored, printed advertisement on national broadsheets.

Being a frustrated designer in general, I grabbed the chance immediately. I worked on it over night. It was due the next day but it didn’t feel like much work at all; it was enjoyable. The only reason it proved difficult was the fact that it’s going to be used for public consumption, and no other main reason was more nerve-racking.

I came up with 3 drafts, which were based on what the team conceptualized.


02 03

Revisions were in order on the day the Director chose a design. He ultimately (somebody told me almost instantaneously, even) went with the first one.

After that, a lot of waiting was involved. I waited, and waited, and waited some more, checking everyday the newspapers if there was something in there I had to see.

Until finally, the fruits of labor blossomed.


It felt surreal to see them on print, moreover realizing that these were in circulation. In every copy of the paper, it was there.

In both my jobs, I always looked for ways where I could expand my creativity, especially in the visual sense, so to have been given this opportunity was just mind-blowingly awesome.

One thing was reassured after that: the creative industry is still what I should aim for in the long run.

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