A Stunning Homecoming to Ilocos

I’ve always envied people who marveled at the beauty that is the Ilocano Region. Mostly because I am a frustrated traveler, but the bigger reason is because my maternal roots trace back to this place. Essentially, a part of my DNA was born there, and yet, long I remained only a spectator to my friends’ posts on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

So I made a deal with myself: that before the year ends, I should already have visited the place. A blessing arrived later in November when the managers at work gave us a week off for December! I was apprehensive at first — nerves — but I asked 2 of my grandmothers (okay, the other one I just call that way but they’re sisters) to tour me around for the weekend! This weekend meant 10-hour travels, of course. But there was really no room for complaints. Not when such a stunning, almost magical view surrounds you everywhere you go.

We went around for what felt like less than 24 hours. It was a tight trip but the only thing that disappointed me was the fact that I didn’t stay longer. Regardless, meeting family there, seeing the sand dunes (a personal favorite, just stunning), and briefly being able to immerse in the culture was enough a homecoming for me to remember for the rest of my life.

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