When the inability to sleep at night sets itself on fire
Because you feel too much, and yet you feel too little
It starts out innocent and escalates one way too quickly

When life makes you laugh the same way it makes you cry
Because it makes gestures that reel you into euphoria
But at the same time it can flick you quickly into depression
How funny life can get, when it’s both happy and painful in an equal manner

When moments, people, things turn you into a funny puddle of messy emotions
When your hairs are made of stardust, remnants of bittersweet memories
Every strand turning white as you make new moments stored inside your head

When your fingertips are filled with pinpricks of hot and cold
And love and hate, of happiness and indifference, acceptance and guilt
When your eyes are so heavy, you want nothing but drift into sleep
But at the same time, sleep is the last thing you are capable of doing
Because the only thing you know is to stay awake for what you search

When you search for love but fear love itself
When the love you fear is the one you need
And the one you need is not the one you expected
But the one you have is the one you won’t ever let go of

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