Never has anyone managed to make me speechless
In a way that makes my heart feel so full, and my mind reel
But it would be a disservice not to let you know
Just how much you mean to me

I have mentioned over and over again
How I think I don’t deserve you – how unreal this all feels
Only in my dreams did I think I will have someone like you in my life
Someone who gives me more than what I even ask for
The way you give me so much – I don’t even ask you, you just do

When you drive all the way to where I am, just because you’re thinking about me
When you stay up just an extra 5 minutes because I ask you to
(And I know how much you like sleeping 8 hours a day)
The smallest and most unexpected ways you show you care
When I feel unwell and you constantly check up on me
That one time you volunteered to buy me food because I was ill
Those things are such huge acts of kindness, I can’t even begin to fathom

It’s amazing how we somehow manage to end up in sync with each other
Even our text messages are sometimes in sync – it’s disgusting
These icky lovey dovey things are things I’m not used to
But I’m learning little by little to learn how to just enjoy them, thanks to you

This year I got my heart broken, devastated from the depth of the pain
Fortunately, I found light again – slowly, painfully, but surely
And for the time that happened I didn’t bother looking for anything or anyone anymore
I just wanted to be by myself, I wanted to be happy by myself
I wanted to learn how to be happy on my own
And I was successful, I was completely okay without anyone else

Funny how the universe works; when it’s time, it’s just time
Because for some reason, perhaps the heavens saw I was a little too comfortable

Then boom, you came along, they sent you to cross my path
It all feels like a blur when I look back, but a blur I keep going back to regardless

You’re right – the time is just right, no years less and no years more

I love how we don’t measure each other based on our past relationships
I love how we don’t even ask about each other’s mistakes
The past doesn’t matter, if only to look back and learn from

All these things, so overwhelming, way too much to comprehend
How do I even thank you, where do I even begin
But I will try anyway, I will try to convey my gratitude
Because you deserve no less than know how I really feel

Thank you for accepting me for who I am, every flaw and scar thus far
Thank you for never failing to listen and understand and making me feel like someone I’ve never seen myself as, in the best way possible
Thank you for becoming my new best friend, my new ally
Thank you for looking forward when I can’t stop looking at the past
Thank you for being someone I didn’t know I even deserve
Thank you for making me happy

I look forward to more walks and talks, and drives and laughter with you
I look forward to all the good things, and all the challenges – all the same
I may be scared of the bumps on the road, but as long as it’s with you I know everything will be just fine
I know that we will make it somehow, I know we will make it as long as with each other

Thank you for being in my life

And thank you for letting me be in yours

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