Hole in the Wall: Bad Bird

As a pescatarian, sometimes it gets tricky to pick a place where choices of seafood and vegetables go abound. But if all else fails, I still choose to have my dose of chicken; as long as its meat isn’t red, then a cheat day or two is personally acceptable. (This is me trying to justify how I still cannot let go of the possibility of eating Jollibee Chickenjoy.)


To celebrate my friend’s birthday, we went to Hole in the Wall in Makati. It’s an interesting take on Singapore’s hawker center — quite quaint, more refined, less noise, kind of like one big restaurant with tens of kitchens all around. Inside a mall, may I add.



Lovely interior built for both big and small groups, with enough sunshine to get in while you dine.


Some parts of the place are more intimate, with chairs and tables placed against walls and corners of the vicinity. Good enough if you prefer a bit more privacy.



Garde Manger offers a twist on what is stereotyped as boring — salad! Adobo salad, sisig salad, watermelon salad, and more. I didn’t get to try any of it though.




We tried a place called Bad Bird, which boasts of its Umami Fried Chicken. I got a plate of 2 pcs. chicken at safe level, with waffles on the side. My friends got themselves some rice and kimchi, with their chickens at spicy level.


The chicken itself was surprisingly good. The seasoning didn’t do its name injustice; it really is umami chicken. They were not kidding with that, at least. The meat wasn’t dry, wasn’t too moist either, but not something that makes it less enjoyable to eat. I also love that the ‘plating’ is decent enough to take good photos of; the colors of the seasoning and everything else on top of the rustic newspaper makes it picture perfect!


What surprised me here was that the pieces of fried chicken were bigger than I expected. (Look at the fork next to it!) I couldn’t finish both pieces, and I love chicken, so that’s saying something.

As for the waffle, it was a bit of a downer for me. They tasted like they just came straight out of a waffle maker that people have at home. It was a bit thick, doughy, and I had difficulty slicing it. The syrup and butter were the saving grace on that side of the plate.


Is it worth visiting? Yes, it is. Bad waffles aside, it’s worth the money. The chicken alone is enjoyable. No wonder it’s called Bad Bird — it’s a sinful experience that will leave you craving for more of that flavor-coated cholesterol.

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