A Dewy Day in Bag of Beans

Cold weather, hot bulalo, Taal Volcano, some few of the first words famously associated with Tagaytay City  – and then there’s Bag of Beans.


Valentine’s Day is coming up, and if you’re longing for a bit of time away from the city to be with your significant other, why not Bag of Beans?

My first time in Bag of Beans was a foggy and rainy one; my experience however, was not. I see good reason why this place is a must when you’re visiting the area, even just passing by. It was jam-packed during lunchtime, but Chase and I were lucky enough to have seats.


This European-inspired restaurant has elegance written all over. Food selection is of good variety, and the taste and quality are worth the price. And being your resident pescatarian blogger, here comes the write-up on my plate of seafood that day.

Shrimp is always, always a go-to for me. I ordered Garlic Shrimp (P390), served with steamed vegetables and rice — though I opted for mashed Cajun potatoes than my beloved rice, which you can definitely request even if they don’t ask for your preference!


The order of Garlic Shrimp had 5 wonderfully seasoned, average-sized shrimps. It was so good. And 5 pieces doesn’t sound like much for P390 but the cholesterol is enough to make you want to have a full stop.

The steamed vegetables on the side were decent, although the carrots were a little raw; I have a hunch they steamed it along with the broccoli, baby corn and mushrooms all together — don’t do this, as carrots take more time to cook than soft vegetables.

Cajun potatoes? Yes. ‘Nuff said.

As for a glimpse of their meat selection, Chase ordered a serving of Medallion of Beef Tyrolliene priced at P495. He himself can be critical when it comes to food (what a funny thing to say considering we actually love eating fast food), but I could see he quite enjoyed his meal.

But of course, a visit to Bag of Beans isn’t complete without delving into their specialty — coffee.


I really am no coffee expert, nor am I an enthusiast, mainly because of my low tolerance to caffeine. When it comes to my relationship with coffee, it’s just one of the two — good or bad. As for my cup of latte, it was mainly a good memory. I’ll leave it to the more experienced coffee drinkers to share what they think of Bag of Beans’ coffee.


We ended our stay with a serving of Chocolate Mousse (P110), just to cleanse our palate and balance the coffee’s warmth. We didn’t get to finish it however, as our sugar tolerance is capped. (The older you get, the more cautious you become of your sugar intake because hello, significantly slower metabolism. Insert tears of sadness here.)


You’ll notice from the menu that the range is a bit pricey, but with that plating and presentation alone, there’s no question why they’re priced as they are.

If you have yet to make definite plans for Valentine’s Day (or just anything you’d like to celebrate, actually), I would recommend Bag of Beans be in your list of reservations. And yes, I would advise to book a reservation ahead of time, all the more if you live a way’s away from Tagaytay. The place is far from being small; in fact, it also has outdoor areas for guests. But it is that type of resto-cafe that different groups of people, of different ages — ranging from couples to friends, and even whole groups of families — would drive 1-3 hours for just to visit. And with good reason.

Bonus photos: their surrounding flora are so picturesque. 🌺

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