Going Bananas Over ‘The Butter Half’

I love banana bread. There’s always been a special place in my heart (or should I say, stomach) for this piece of art since college days. So when the #EastwoodBananaFestival happened last June 30-July 2, I made sure I got a taste of The Butter Half’s famous banana bread.


Probably one of my favorites from their menu, The Butter Half’s version of this delight is more than just your average banana bread; they come in a variety of chocolate chips, pecan, and walnuts, and different sizes depending on how much you can indulge on. The texture is also closer to cake than it is to your typical bread — soft and chewy without sucking out the flavor of natural bananas.


Janine Urquico and Camille Gorayeb, the ladies behind the newest #sagingnation food craze that is The Butter Half’s banana bread.


Dozens and dozens of visitors paid their booths a visit and took home their signature delicacy. The Butter Half’s Instagram page pleasantly announced during the bazaar weekend that they’ve sold out their pans to happy customers!


Hard at work for the banana bread lovers out there. Prices start at Php 150, and you are ensured that at this price there aren’t any artificial flavorings in your homemade food — you can actually see and taste the bananas in the bread!


To find out more about The Butter Half and how you can enjoy their food, visit their Facebook page or contact 0917-801-7930 today. Share the food love!


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