2017 0806 PORTRAIT


I’m Monic Del Rosario, a Brand and Communications Marketing Professional residing in Manila, Philippines. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Development Studies from the University of the Philippines, and briefly took up Master of International Studies from the same institution. On the side, I also do photography gigs.

I’ve always been fascinated with creativity. My artistic journey started in preschool when I realized drawing is something I enjoy doing. Since then I continued to improve and find new techniques, even trying out digital sketching. To see some of my drawings, click here.

Growing up, I also joined journalism clubs in school. I have experience in competing in inter-school journalism competitions, including Photojournalism, and Feature Writing. I also joined several poster-making contests, and fortunately won a couple of them. In addition, I competed in several academic Language Contests, coveting for titles in terms of grammar proficiency, spelling, reading, among many others; my specialty was, and still is, the English language.

Today, I do creative output and direction in terms of content writing, curation, and layouts. I continuously sketch, paint, and take photos during my free time. Other interests of mine are science, animals, nature, yoga, video and gaming content, and news and current affairs.


A communications and marketing professional, I study and make art when I’m not working – writing, painting, sketching, photography. You may view some of my works here:  Writing Portfolio  |  Painting Portfolio  |  Sample Photography

Previous jobs I’ve had included public relations and corporate communications, marketing content creation and curation, campaigns strategy, account management, B2B investments, and government service. Some of my certifications: Josiah Go’s Marketing Strategy and Plans, v2.0 courtesy of Mansmith and Fielders, Inc.; Civil Service Eligibility (Professional Level) granted by the Philippine Civil Service Commission; and Korean Proficiency 2 from the University of the Philippines. Learn more about my professional background here.


◆ Managed public relations and corporate communications efforts for BPI-Philam, 2017
◆ Handled multiple client accounts for marketing and communications, 2016
◆ Organized and/or facilitated 8 research and marketing events, 2011-2016
◆ Created and contributed feature content for STORM Technologies Philippines, 2015
◆ First commissioned painting done for a dentist’s clinic, 2015
◆ Marketing poster design published in 2 broadsheet newspapers, 2014


◆ Writing (copywriting / feature articles, technical, academic)
◆ Editing and Proofreading
◆ Campaigns and Communications Marketing (communication marketing strategies, e-mail marketing automation including content design and creation, and data extraction and analysis)
◆ Photography (portrait, events)
◆ Painting (acrylic, oil)

My paintings are also for sale under negotiable terms. If you think I can serve you in some of my areas of expertise, send an e-mail to monicdelrosario@outlook.com


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