Hello, I’m Monic.

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I’m Monic, a Communications Professional. Iskolar. INFJ. Relating Socializer. Part-time yogi. Ravenclaw. A fan of noodles, Star Wars, Star Trek, and other things. I’ve clocked in a total of over 250 hours in Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Stardew Valley like it’s an achievement in life.

Creativity fascinates me. The pursuit to imagine, understand, and create is what keeps me inspired. This inspiration enables me to produce creative output and direction in terms of writing, editing, visual design, marketing communications, and more. I also sketch and paint during my free time. Some interests of mine are psychology, the environment, sustainability, and video gaming / content.


I’m currently a content creator and curator for an Australian startup; a lot of hats exist for us to wear. I write, take photos, and paint. I’m a creative who is inspired and works best around the art of communication. The past 5 years of my career has been a collection of writing articles, creating and designing hundreds of newsletters, editing marketing books, managing brands and clients, co-organizing and assisting in events, and tailing in photography shoots.

Being in different industries helped me keep my mind open in terms of contributing to each organization while improving my own skills. There’s always so much to learn wherever we choose to go.


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