Heart of Gold — The Latest ‘Wonder Woman’ Film

Note: This review contains no spoilers about the film. Sometimes, it takes one man to make the first step for everyone else to follow -- in this case, it takes one woman. The latest DC Entertainment, Inc. (DCEI) film, Wonder Woman, as you might have heard, is a vindicating experience after Batman vs Superman. After an … Continue reading Heart of Gold — The Latest ‘Wonder Woman’ Film

Logan – A Story of Loneliness

Warning: Spoilers ahead. A story of loneliness Logan, the last Wolverine installment portrayed by Hugh Jackman, may seem like your ordinary superhero (or more appropriately, mutant) story at first glance. A picture portrays a thousand words, however. We can discuss how strong or well-built for an old man Logan was in the film; we can even talk … Continue reading Logan – A Story of Loneliness