Consider the Source


When I first wrote this, it was because I couldn’t sleep.

When one can’t sleep, it’s usually because their mind is a river of thoughts – flowing, flowing, flowing ever so endlessly through the hours of the night.

When I first wrote this, my thoughts kept flowing back and forth to one word:


My Job History: On Different Industries and 1-Day Contracts


It’s only been a couple of weeks since my last employer and I parted ways.

There was a lingering thought in me to write about my experience after I saw the viral reflection post Sarah Fowler wrote regarding her employment in Uber but never really got through with it. It was only after Mindy shared her experiences that I realized just how colorful my work history has been thus far, and how it could be more of a source of entertainment than anything else.

Humility, Introverts vs. Extroverts, and other thoughts on Life

Linguistics is interesting.

Oftentimes it is a fascinating experience to hear someone speak a dialect different from what you’re used to hearing, and learning a whole new different set of words is even more fascinating.

I remember someone saying, non-verbatim, “if you’re truly good at speaking a [foreign] language, you will never feel compelled to show off your skills.”

This line has struck me in more ways than one, not just in the context of language but I suppose in all walks of life.

Being Human through Passion


Everyone is defined by something.

In the same sense that semantics play a role in establishing context for a word of many meanings, people are divergent due to what defines them as people. May they be defined by appearance, skills, relationships, heritage, and/or experiences in the past, we are all given context of where we are in life by what we believe best represents us as individuals.

Here cuts in the existential question of wanting to know what defines people based on the ingredients that make up their daily lives, and how an individual goes through the hoops and spectrums of such.