KZ Tandingan and Quest at BPI-Philam’s ‘Win the Moment’ Wellness Fest


Last June 24, BPI-Philam celebrated a first — an event dedicated to holistic health. Held in Trinoma, ‘Win the Moment’ Wellness Fest was packed with a life-sized boardgame that tackled physical, mental, and financial health; talks from Dr. Didoy Lubaton, Sha Nacino, and G-Force; and lots of prizes and exclusive discounts from their brand partners.


Back at Kagura

Culture, Food, photography

My college friends and I have often eaten at Kagura in Little Tokyo, Makati since we were still struggling students. Almost 5 years later after graduation, we went back to this haven to have some classic okonomiyaki – never gets old, the food and the company. This time, the difference is we have Chase with us, whose set of close friends also happen to enjoy visiting Little Tokyo. (We even went to the last Asahi Beer Festival together!)

Untitled Landscape


Inspiration is everywhere. For me, images can be broken down into lines, patterns, shades and colors. There’s a phrase I stumbled upon somewhere recently, where it values the importance of artists to always surround themselves with creativity, regardless of how big or small. I try my best to uphold this and keep myself open to everything, including social media.

Heart of Gold — The Latest ‘Wonder Woman’ Film

Note: This review contains no spoilers about the film.

Sometimes, it takes one man to make the first step for everyone else to follow — in this case, it takes one woman.


The latest DC Entertainment, Inc. (DCEI) film, Wonder Woman, as you might have heard, is a vindicating experience after Batman vs Superman. After an overwhelmingly devastating 27% rating on Rotten Tomatoes for BvS, Wonder Woman has garnered a 94% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 76 on Metacritic as of date. DCEI has picked up the pieces quite neatly for their upcoming Justice League movie later this year.

Esteeming Medieval RPGs — Ubisoft’s For Honor

Warning: Minor spoilers ahead.


It’s been a while since I’ve come across an addictive RPG.

Beyond the connection issues (please fix it, sirs and madams) Ubisoft’s February release, For Honor, is a delight to play. The game is heavily focused on online multiplayer brawls, letting players choose different modes of PvP matches. It’s quite an investment, let me tell you that. With other campaigns such as Global Events and Class Dominations in play, the formula is solid when it comes to encouraging players to explore and stay in the game as much as possible.