Shaped by Adversity


My childhood wasn’t spectacular. I was surrounded with kids from different backgrounds. They had ambitions, big and small; some of them equipped with families and resources to help them get the nicest school supplies and pay for the best schools. I don’t know everyone’s story, clearly, but I’ve always wondered what it would have been like having everything. Who would I have turned out to be if I had access to all the things I wanted while still young? Where in the world would I have ended up?


Back at Kagura

Culture, Food, photography

My college friends and I have often eaten at Kagura in Little Tokyo, Makati since we were still struggling students. Almost 5 years later after graduation, we went back to this haven to have some classic okonomiyaki – never gets old, the food and the company. This time, the difference is we have Chase with us, whose set of close friends also happen to enjoy visiting Little Tokyo. (We even went to the last Asahi Beer Festival together!)