Singapore – Sweeter the second time around


Greeted by a copious amount of smog, I landed on the afternoon of a September in Changi. My dear friend, Yu Ling, waited for me so she can take me to her home in Yishun. It was barely an hour after my arrival that we had to jump to meet with Ade and get some grub. The grub we planned probably years beforehand until I visited again. If you ever get a chance to talk to them, never mention my name and the word ‘corn’ in the same sentence. Please, just, don’t.


Superb Singapore


First time to fly out of the country! Visited Singaporean friends, watched an epic concert, viewed a Lego exhibit and walked around with Ate Bricci. A LOT. Special thanks to my friend, Melissa, for being the foster sister during my entire stay.